Why is pedro sapling one of the best walnut saplings?

Firstly we have 3 reason which makes pedro sapling one of the best wanlut sapling. Of course, these three features are not all of the features that make pedro walnut saplings valuable. However, we found it appropriate to specify these as the 3 most important features.
1. Pedro walnut is a favorite in consumer taste tests.
2. Pedro walnut appears to be a good variety for areas with a temperate climate.
3. Pedro walnuts have low chill requirement.

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Pedro’s crown structure is tight, relatively small and average height is around 9m which makes it suitable for home garden planting.

Pedro productivity is good in places with low altitudes and on the coasts.

Winter chill requirements are relatively lower than other varieties as it’s unsuitable for regions with late spring frosts. It has good yield potential for regions with low altitude. Fruits grown on lateral buds (65% of overall) and reaches maturity around mid season. Regions with hot climate may result in loss of fruit quality but light colored kernel can rate go up to 85% in overall products. Cisco and Franquette can be used as pollinator to improve overall yield.

Fruit characteristics of pedro walnut sapling

Light colored fruit inner rate can be up to 85%.
The inside of the fruit is light in color.
Pedro walnut is easy to separate from the shell.
The taste of the walnut is very good and it is suitable for consumption as dry and fresh walnuts.

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Tree characteristics of pedro walnut sapling

Pedro walnut tree is of French origin. It is a genus walnut that bears fruit on the lateral branches.
The cooling requirement is 400 hours.
Pedro walnut is recommended to be planted in temperate regions.
The crown structure is compact and small, the trees are relatively short.
It is also recommended for home gardens.
Its productivity is good in places with low altitudes and on the coasts.
Since the tree is small, it needs hard pruning.
Pedro walnut trees are recommended to be planted with Pollinator Franquette.
Pedro walnut trees are harvested towards the end of September.