Our company was established with its new name in 2014 by Yaşar Panç and his son Güney Panç, who are experienced walnut sapling producers in the grafted walnut sapling growing sector.
Our company produces open rooted and tubed walnut saplings of domestic and foreign breeds that can be grown in different regions of our country, especially the Chandler Walnut variety, whose superior productivity has been accepted. All the saplings we produce are certified, and we continue our support as ÖzYaşam Nursery, from planting to crop. Our company is always with you, our valued customers, with its information and support in the technical details of the right sapling selection and planting.
Walnut saplings grown by ÖzYaşam Fidancılık are produced under the control of Agricultural Engineers working within our organization.
Our company is a member of Füab (Sub-Association of Sapling Producers), Sub-Association of Seed Distributors (Todab), East Anatolian Exporters' Association, Bandırma Chamber of Commerce, Bandırma Commodity Exchange, and produces walnut saplings abroad, mainly in Turkey, in Azerbaijan, Romania, Bulgaria, Greece, Kyrgyzstan. and exports to Macedonia.

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Thanks to our principle of customer satisfaction first, our success in our country's market is to prove worldwide.


It is to meet your demands in accordance with what is necessary by transforming respect for labor into respect for nature.