Why is chandler sapling one of the best walnut saplings?

Firstly we have 3 reason which makes chandler sapling one of the best wanlut sapling. Of course, these three features are not all of the features that make chandler walnut saplings valuable. However, we found it appropriate to specify these as the 3 most important features.
1. Chandler walnut has a high commercial value because it is sold at higher prices.
2. Chandler walnut tree is an extremely resistant species against diseases.
3. Removing walnut from the shell is easy because chandler walnut shell is thin.

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Chandler is one of the best-selling grafted walnut saplings in the world for the last 10 years. You can buy first class open rooted chandler walnut saplings and tubed chandler walnut saplings from us. Chandler walnut sapling is a variety that is not affected by late spring frosts because it blooms late compared to local varieties.

Chandler is a very good walnut sapling variety for temperate climate.

The transition of the chandler walnut tree to winter dormancy varies from region to region. This usually happens in mid-November. In the early autumn frosts that will occur in the region, the shoots of the walnut tree that year may damage. In other words, early autumn frosts may damage only the young shoots of that year, not the entire chandler tree. This can negatively affect productivity one year later.

Although the altitude is above 1200 meters in some parts of the world, this problem is not experienced due to the mild climate, while in some regions, this problem may occur due to the harsh autumn despite the altitude below 900 meters.

Fruit characteristics of chandler walnut sapling

Chandler fruit is thin crust, less rough, oval shaped.
Chandler fruit is easy to separate from the shell and is suitable for consumption as dry and fresh walnuts.
The Chandler walnut variety is the most important commercial walnut variety in the world.
The yield in buds is 85-90% and it is a very productive variety.
Chandler walnut fruits are 10-13 gr, fruit internal weight is 6.5 g, internal rate is 52-55%.
The whiteness rate of the Chandler walnut kernel is 90-100% and the kernels come out whole.

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Tree characteristics of chandler walnut sapling

Chandler walnut trees are harvested in mid-September.
Chandler trees should be planted with a pollinator. The correct type of pollinator is the Franquette.
Chandler walnut tree is a disease resistant variety.
Chandler tree grows semi-upright. It is suitable for planting at 4X8 and 5X7 intervals.
Chandler trees grow to medium vigor.
The cooling requirement of the Chandler walnut tree is 700 hours. In other words, our tree must spend 700 hours (30 days) under +7.5 degrees Celsius in winter. It is not recommended for areas that do not fall below +7.5 degrees Celsius for 30 days in winter.
The fruit rate is very high on the side branches as well as on the end branches.